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Prophet Wealth Management is an independent wealth management firm that performs financial planning services and manages money for private investors, retirement plans, charities and trusts. We are fee-only advisors and do not earn commissions or brokerage fees. As fee-only investment managers, we work with you to develop an investment approach that fits your goals. There`s no sales pressure and no conflict of interest. You can be sure investment decisions are based on one primary goal -- meeting your financial objectives. Service and personal attention are the hallmark of Prophet Wealth Management. It is the defining quality that sets us apart from our competition. The personal relationship that we develop with each of our clients starts with an initial meeting that identifies your needs, objectives, risk tolerances and prior investment experience. In subsequent meetings, we illustrate our investment process, philosophy, and portfolio design. Once we have agreed upon an appropriate portfolio, we implement our portfolio recommendations. Our ongoing investment management gives you an experienced professional firm that has personal knowledge of your financial situation, and is here to advise you as your financial situation changes. Our personal knowledge of your finances is invaluable in helping you manage your wealth throughout life`s experiences. Each quarter you will receive an investment report that gives you our market views as well as candid information about your investment holdings, transactions and performance. We encourage your calls and look to continually refine the objectives of your assets. Prophet Wealth Management`s mission is to provide our clients with the highest level of service, while helping them meet their financial goals and objectives. If you have any type of investment portfolio that may be in need of our services, please contact us so that we may help you reach your long-term financial dreams.

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