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Principles. Prophet Wealth Management’s aim is to help our clients meet their financial goals and objectives. Consequently, we invest and position our clients so that their long-term goals are our primary concern. Our investment style does not emphasize quick trading, but focuses on positioning our clients so that they may achieve their long-term financial dreams.

Investment objectives. Each client’s situation and financial goals are unique. We listen to client needs and long-term goals and then develop investment objectives that can best meet these goals. Investment allocation ranges are determined in order to implement diversification and opportunistic strategies. 

Asset allocation. We start with each client’s investment objectives and then assign appropriate allocation parameters. The allocation guidelines attempt to wed each client’s individual investment goals with our active opportunistic investment approach all while providing proper investment diversification. Our goal is to create a portfolio specifically for you, not fit you into any prepackaged model portfolio. Though we manage client portfolios that are invested exclusively in equities, as a firm, we believe in and recommend portfolios that include a variety of security types. 

Investment selection. Individual Stocks, ETF's and Bonds are the primary investments in most client portfolios. We combine individual securities for each client to create a type of personalized mutual fund that reflects their individual goals. We actively manage our equity positions, but are passive with our bond positions. Though mutual funds are not a primary investment vehicle, we do occassionally use index and other mutual funds to augment diversity. 

Opportunistic investing. Once a client`s objectives are determined we attempt to add investment value by taking an opportunistic investing approach to managing client portfolios. This means that we will under-weight or over-weight investment categories according to our investment outlook without losing site of a client`s long-term investment objectives. 

Client communication. Communication is important to our firm. We make ourselves available to clients on a daily basis, and encourage our clients to contact or meet with us as often as they desire. Additionally, each quarter clients are sent a complete report including a discussion of our current investment outlook and a review of recent equity and fixed income market performance. Client portfolio reports show performance detail and return sources, an asset allocation overview, portfolio holdings and values, and a detailed listing of transactions for the period. Clients also receive a monthly portfolio report from their securities custodian.

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